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IMPORTANT UPDATE 31/05/2017 - Fleshforward 2nd demo is ready! In version 1.0 of "Not a Good Girl" demo there was a critical bug. We removed the file and we are now uploading the correct 1.1.0 version. Be sure to delete the old file and use the new one instead to play the game correctly. Follow our development on Facebook and Twitter! Want to chat with us or report a bug? Join our Discord channel! http://discordapp.com/invite/pyW6may


Prepare to enter again the world of old-school survival horror games with Fleshforward. This first demo explores the beginning of the game and the player can try a lot of features. Action combat, stealth system and a glimpse of the main campaign from the first game made by the Italian indie team Linked Rooms Games!


Life in New Wells has been destroyed by a catastrophic event: something transformed the citizens into violent monsters without control, fierce cannibals devouring each other. Along with a destroyed society, New Wells is now more similar to Hell itself where human life has no more value. Two people are still alive thanks to lucky circumstances and personal skills: Seph Garrett and Hellen Bates are united and divided at the same time. He is an undercover cop, she is a well-known criminal: they are natural enemies, but now they need to cooperate to save their lives. The city is now a deadly labyrinth and death is around the corner.


  • Hybrid mechanincs stealth/RPG/action
  • Dark and modern setting
  • Old school pixel graphics with high quality
  • Beautiful artworks
  • Competitive difficulty for expert players
  • For PC and other upcoming platforms


Team Linked Rooms

  • Marco "Ally" Camedda - Mapping, Eventing, Scripting, Art director, Game Design
  • Simone "Macbeth" Granata - Mapping, Storywriting and Game Design
  • Davide "Mishima" Isimbaldi - Character design, Additional pixel art
  • Anthony "Chaucer" Padilla - Core scripting
StatusIn development
Release date Mar 30, 2017
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorLinked Rooms Games
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, demo, Horror, Indie, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Stealth, Strategy RPG, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksHomepage, Twitter, YouTube


Fleshforward Demo "The Survivor"2.0.rar 93 MB
Fleshforward Demo "Not a Good Girl" 1.1.0.rar 97 MB

Install instructions

No installation required - simply open the game folder and double click the icon Game.exe

Development log


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It's been about 6 years since the last update...

Any news about the project?


Want to get into Android

Abandoned? if so, thats sad.

We only changed the engine and created a totally graphic restyle.

Nice! glad to hear it, thks for the reply.

You’re welcome 😁

What engine now u use?


Use Unity 😁

ok thanks if u have problem in unity u can come back to rpg maker mv or mz Rataliaka games can export on any consol :D ofc if u search publisher

oh, thank you..

Feel free to write me on my email: linkedroomsgames[at]gmail.com

We can talk about it!

HHey dev, can you please tell me the plugin that you use for real time firing. I am trying to develop a similar game but cannot find a suitable plugin. 

Ehi :)

All the script are totally custom ;)

Hi everyone,

Linked Rooms announce:

the old demos released with RPG Maker they will not be supported!

Continue to follow us for further developments!

Hi I getting a problem when I open the game "unable file Graphics / lights / big_broken" is such a file when I get an error why is this the reason? Sorry my english some bad :\

Ehi Kananturk,

Do you have open the first or the second demo?

Please help me for the game "Not a good girl" !?

Asap, I send you the correct file ;)

(1 edit)

where are file? Please help a error message getting.. why?

Pretty neat stuff! The demos were enjoyable and the stealth mechanic is nicely done.


Thanks a lot! :D sorry for the late reply but we are working HARD to complete the new version of the game on RPG Maker MV (the actual demos are for RPG Maker Vx Ace) with bigger resolution, 16:9 fullscreen and a brand-new combat/stealth system polished :)

id REALLY like to play this game, but I'm having an issue that hopefully someone can help me understand.

Certain games that I try to download only give me a .rar file and nothing more. There is no extracting option for me, I simply save the downloaded file into a named folder and when  I go into it, its just one non-openable .rar file.

I'm runnin on windows 10, 64-bit. don't know if that helps, but this isn't the only game ive had this problem with. If anyone would like to key me in so I can experience this knarly looking game, id greatly appreciate your assistance.

Hey there :) thanks for your interest in our game! So if you download the game you get this issue? You extract and you get nothing?

Deleted 5 years ago

You need a program like 7-Zip or Winrar to open .rar files.

Hello I have loved this demo and I hope they get the full game and I also use rpg maker vx ace and I was wondering if they could tell me where I can get the shot engine they used please if it's not too much trouble

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Thank you for your compliments!

All scripts within the game were created ad hoc for the project ;)

Stay tuned because not long, we will release interesting updates!

- LR Team

I finally came back to play the new demo, so sorry it took so long! The creeping mechanism seems to work a lot better in this one (unless I just got better at it haha!).

I'm massively intrigued to see what happens, so I can't wait to see future updates! Thanks for the awesome game, and keep up the super great work!


Thanks Mikey! The next update will be HUGE as we are porting the game on RPG Maker MV with 16:9 fullscreen, bigger resolution and size and a brand new combat/stealth mechanism!

I'm absolutely loving this game. I just don't want to finish it because I don't want it to end. 

Hey thanks RunDeniRun! That's a BIG compliment :D you will be amazed by the new version we are working on: the overall game will be polished and working better, along with improved 16:9 graphics and bigger resolution!

Did a revisit episode for you. Still had some complaints. Not a bad game, overall, though.

Thanks GrannyJo! We are making A LOT of changes and the actual version will feature brand-new combat system, new stealth system and better visuals :)

Are you making this in RPG Maker MV?

Hey there Sight21! We are using RPG Maker Vx Ace for this game :) MV is great but it doesn't have all support/scripts (or plugins in this case)/tilesets we need. But for the future we will surely use MV as main engine

Well I wouldn't mind helping out with porting it over to MV. I got it and have done some porting of VX Ace to MV games. One is on my page, and I have a few others.

When we will release the complete game it will be our top priority to port Fleshforward to MV :)

I wouldn't mind helping out in some way, but up to you ok?

i have problems with it
1. game lags after you get outside while trying to move like cant move at all its so bad

2. the game didnt use any cpu power to run which causes MASSIVE LAG FOR ME

other than that ide have to give it a 3/5

Hey there, thanks for playing our demo and for the video gameplay you made! Can you please send us at linkedroomsgames@gmail.com your PC information? We are working on the second demo but we will of course fix some technical issues

The demo was amazing! I love your work, but I wish and hope it will be longer.

(1 edit)

Ehi Zyler, thank you for appreciating our game! It's just the first demo, soon we will release the second demo and the complete version will feature around 8-10 hours of game!

Stay tuned and follow us for the next release with the second playable character!

Played the demo and I posted this comment to report some problems it had:

  1. The things that show up after you press "New Game" should appear after the "Sponsored By..." thing
  2. (XBOX 360) Controller is supported but doesn't work great
  3. The (pause) menu takes a while to get used too(actually just a few minutes/tries)
  4. The (pause) menu doesn't pause the game
  5. Enemies hit boxes are unfair

but The Game overal was amazing!! Can't wait to get my hands on the final build!

Also if you plan on translating the game to other languages if you want I can translate it to Greek.


Greetings and thank you for you complete feedback! Now, to answer:

  1. We are fixing that thing, is quite weird :D
  2. We are working on a good joypad support system, we will introduce that in the second demo
  3. The menu doesn't pause the game and that's a designed feature (some would say "Dark Souls like")
  4. The same answer :P
  5. We are working on making a better combat system

Thanks for appreciating our game so far :) we would love to translate it in other languages! So we gladly accept your offer

(1 edit)

Great to see that you accepted my offer!! It's an honor for me to trasnlate such an amazing game!
If needed send me a message through here(Itch.io) or on Twitter

Also I think I forgot to mention a bug(or glitch):

  • At the last "Safe Room"(just before the demo ends) I saved and (I shot with the gun and) then went to the Main Menu and loaded the save and the game crashed.
    By the way I reopened the game and loaded the save and it worked just fine(and I finished the demo).

Oh yeah before I forget, from now on when asked about the (Pause) Menu not pausing the game better say that is inspired by Resident Evil Outbreak (since the game has a RE feeling)


I finally finished this demo and I'll have to say it was really good. I liked how the stealth mechanic was introduced. It was clever how the game required the player to use it immediately so they would know when to use it later on in the game. The cliffhanger ending was brilliantly well done and also teased another playable character. From what I've read in this comments section, the next version of the demo will feature another playable character and another part of the story which I am super excited to see. I'm a huge fan of interconnecting and branching story lines mostly because it's interesting how those stories and the characters associated with them connect with each other. Anyways, I can't wait to see what else this game has in store for us. If you haven't already, play the game for yourself. It's super good! Also, if you want, you can check out my playthrough of the game below:

If you liked what you saw, you can check out my channel by clicking the link below:



Thanks a lot for your comment MrSonicManu! It's really appreciated and we will continue working on Fleshforward to make it a great game for everyone :) In fact the second demo will feature Hellen Bates, the other playable character with different skills and abilities. The story will focus on them working together even if they don't trust each other, discovering the truth behind the zombie breakout...and we can assure you: it's not what it looks like :)

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Thanks for telling us(me) about the second playable character because I was wondering why the game told us about her not trusting the (main) player(character).

Doesn't work. When I start the game it keeps circulating through the menu options. When you finally able to start the game, the character is frozen, I think the arrow keys or something are activated automatically or something. Keeps going to left and top.

Try unplugging all controllers, joysticks,etc. Yes, also those flight sim control-things.

Yes it works! I had a unused controller usb plugged in. When I unplugged it all controls works! Thank you!

You're welcome!

Thanks for helping BubbleKnightMG Jaky ;) we have inserted your troubleshooting into our game's instructions ;)

No problem! Glad I can help!


Hey there BubbleKnightMG! Uhmmm it's the first time someone have this issue. Have you tried those actions suggested by JakyGames

Yup! And it works! Thank you.

Glad that you could solve the issue! We hope you like Fleshforward! Stay tuned as we will release a new demo shortly!

Nice! Is it 3.0? I think 2.0 just got released?

The 2.0 demo is this one you're playing :) the new demo we will release is a completely new one featuring the other playable character and a new part of the story

Hi! Which engine you're used in development?


Hello there! We are using RPG Maker Vx Ace, but of course a heavy modified version :) as we are using a lot of custom-made scripts

How to contact your team by email? :)

Feel free to write us at linkedroomsgames@gmail.com ;)

Loved this, a pixelated zombie game is right up my street! I'll echo other people's sentiments by saying that the similarity to Resident Evil (especially RE2) is a bit too strong in areas, but I don't think it's a massive detriment to what you've got, as long as you branch out a good, unique story going forward.

In other words, keep up the great work!

You're welcome, and thank you for appreciating our game! Stay tuned as tomorrow (sunday 9th April 2017) we will release the 2.0 version of our demo, polished and with some new features as well as more balanced difficulty!

Good start honestly, if it weren't for the fact that there was nowhere to save I'd have enjoyed the demo a lot more (obviously this is a very early version). The game had a suitably creepy atmosphere and I like the fact that you didn't rely on jumpscares.

My only real gripe is that the game feels all to similar to Resident Evil 2, the game is obviously inspired by RE2 and I'd just be careful not to go TOO close to familiar story elements. That being said the stealth section was a welcome change of pace (even though I sucked at it).

(1 edit)

Thanks for making this video! Tomorrow we will release the improved 2.0 demo with save points and some balancing :) we are obviously inspired by RE series, but also we have some Silent Hill things, Metal Gear (not Solid! :D) things and other unique features. We would love to create a game with its own identity!

Glad to hear! Looking forward to seeing more :)

We wait you here tomorrow ;) oh and in a short time we will release also the 2nd demo featuring the other playable character!

I absolutely loved this game. I'm a huge fan of rpg maker games and zombie games so to find a game that's a combination of the two was a dream come true. I really liked how the game was atmospheric from the start. The mystery and the anticipation of a zombie encounter is probably what got me feeling creeped out. The music really helped me get immersed into the atmosphere of the game as well. However, I do have a few complaints about the game. For one, I didn't like how slow the text can go by in the beginning, and the intro credits at the start was kinda annoying but i see now that they were going for a cinematic feel. Secondly, I would have liked there to be a save feature in the game. There was probably a save point somewhere in the game but the game wasn't clear about it or I didn't reach that point in the game. Besides these few problems, I really found the game to be spectacular. I can't wait for the new update and for the full game to come out. I highly recommend you try this game for yourself.

If you want, you can check out the playthrough I did of the game below:

If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out my channel by clicking on the link below:


Thank you for appreciating our game! Your feedback is really important for us and we are already working on the improved version of this initial demo! On sunday 9th April we will publish the new version of this demo, and we are also preparing the second demo featuring the other playable character! Stay tuned

Hey! Covered your game on my channel. Overall liked it. Couple complaints but that's about it :)

Heeeey thank you Granny Jo :D we are actually working on the demo 2.0 with improvements and overall better balancing (and save points :P)! Stay tuned for that and for the 2nd demo featuring the other character! Thanks for making a video about our game

I have to say, you guys did a really good work with this game, the atmosphere looks nice and gameplay looks fun. and i can't wait to dowload the demo to try it! ^^

Thanks! The demo 1.0 is already available on this page :) we will release the 2.0 demo with some improvements and the 2nd demo shortly (probably before the end of April!)

One thing, please!

When Mac Version?


Hey there! :) we are working for a Mac version, so far you can try our game with Mac Windows emulation, sorry! But trust us: we will bring it to Mac, no matter what!

I hope it! Very excited!


Our pleasure ;) stay tuned as demo 2.0 (polished and balanced) is coming, as well as the second demo featuring the other playable character

resident evil 2? xD does this have local coop?

haha yes Resident Evil 2 is one of our inspirations, along with Silent Hill, the old Metal Gear games and a little generic 16-bit era RPG ;) no co-op in our game sorry! It's single player only, but with the new demo we will release you can play as the other character, Hellen!

I have not played/recorded it yet but it looks so amazing and I can't wait for the finished version to come out

Thanks! We are already back to work and in a couple of days (or even tomorrow!) we will release demo 2.0, more polished and with some gameplay improvements to have a better balance :) also stay tuned as we will release shortly the 2nd demo featuring the other playable character!

I just finished recording some of it and I am a big sucker for art style in games and it has amazing art style also the music I kept wondering what it was it sounds like I heard it befo

how do i play in fullscreen?

just hit ALT + ENTER and you're ready to go ;)

I really enjoyed your game. It evoked that same spooky atmosphere that the original Resident Evil games displayed. I love 2D survial horror games and your game did not disappoint. Great Job. Sorry if my video was too short but I try to make them so that people can get a glimpse of the game and then download it to play the rest.

Thank you for trying our demo! We aim to bring new life to the classic survival horror style, with a mix of gameplay and feelings but with new things like stealth and interesting plot. Stay tuned because we are about to release the 2.0 version of this demo and another new one featuring the other playable character!

Enjoyable 8 bit thriller. Not even through the first part of this demo and its fun!

thank you for making this gameplay video! And we are glad you liked our game :) we are working constantly to release the improved 2.0 demo, more polished and playable. Also, we will release a second demo featuring the second playable character so follow us for updates!

The music and atmosphere really creeped me out, I had a fun time playing the demo. But maybe make items, that you can pick up more eye-catching. I almost missed the first keycard if I hadn't tried to interact with pretty much every object.

But still, really nice, can't wait for the finished game.

Thanks a lot for trying and appreciating our game! We are actually working for demo 2.0, more polished and with some gameplay changes so everything is well-settled. We will definitely find a way to make important items more easy to find, so players can find them without wandering around for hours haha stay tuned as we will release a second demo featuring the other playable character!

when is it coming out on mac

We are working right now for that :) unfortunately RPG Maker Vx Ace it's Windows-based but we are "breaking" it so also Mac users can try our demo!

Hello, I enjoyed your demo the story seems to be strong and engaging. I look forward to seeing the full game. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Thank you for making this video! We are sharing it on our social networks! And we are glad you appreciated Fleshforward :) we are working really hard to deliver a good game for everyone! Prepare for demo 2.0, with improvements and (maybe) some extra content!

Excellent, so far everything is going well.

thank you also for spotting some problems like that collision near the external fence of the P.D. parking area, and in particular that "deadly" tutorial near the end of the demo :D we definitely need to fix that up!

Yes but finding these is part of the fun, they are always funny to find and is entertaining for people to see strange things happen, especially if it nearly gets me killed :)

haha you're just that kind of player we love :D thanks again! We will keep you updated and remember to contact us at linkedroomsgames@gmail.com to get the full version of the game when ready so you can create more videos

Is this game gonna be paid when in full version because I want to make a series on youtube about this and I dont have money for buying it. So please dont make it paid. Make it free in the full version.

hey there! The full game will be commercial so with a (not too high, we promise) price! But if someone is helping the project like videogame journalists, youtubers and so on just contact us at linkedroomsgames@gmail.com and we can speak about giving a promo copy! Thank you for appreciating our game, if you want to make a gameplay video about our demo let us know and we will share it!

where can i buy the full game?

It's not ready right now unfortunately :) we have released this demo to show the main features of the game, and we are working on it to release the full improved version as soon as possible! In the meantime, don't forget to follow the development on our official FB page http://www.facebook.com/linkedroomsgames

Thank you for appreciating our game!

We would love to hear your feedback about this demo! Don't forget to comment here or on our official FB page/Twitter! Your feedback matters (cit.) seriously!